VF Commodore Touch Screen

According to sources, it is apparent that Zoran Angelkovski, CEO of Continental, that child company Siemens VDO signed a deal supply Holden with new touch screen units for their Commodore range (presumably the VF) from June this year.

It is believed that the new unit will be 100% iPhone and iPod compatible, and there will be different levels of functionality based on the model. What functionality will be dropped/gained in the different variants is still to be imagined, though.

The system is supposed to be a large improvement over the Bosch Blaupunkt units currently used by Holden, and very well may be available across the entire range-- from the Omega all the way through to the HSV variants.

Many people guess that the system will be similar to the 7" touch screen LCD already on offer in Holden's Captiva LX models. The Captiva LX system includes features such as USB and SD card input. From these, the Captiva system is able to playback both audio and video.

We currently have a 3D Artist coming up with a rendering for a concept of the dash and console setup with a touch screen, so be on the lookout for it on the front page or this page.

If you are interested in some concept pictures of the interior (before we knew about the touch screen update), please visit our VF Commodore Interior page.

VF Touch Screen Discussion

From what I understand the VF Commodore is getting a touch screen similar to the one in the Captiva LX... anyone else heard this?

Posted by Guest at 2:40am, July 20, 2010


As long as it does mp3/usb/etc all standard im happy if its touch screen or just normal

Posted by kez at 2:00am, May 30, 2010

Just look at the interface of the cadillac cts-v and new saab 9-5 it will be very similar to that as holden has Simens VDO making the new touch screen system.

Posted by aaaaplay at 2:40am, July 20, 2010

ve e3 clubsport and maloo to be released around october

Posted by jarrod at 6:31am, July 27, 2010

As it is now 2011 and the new holden series 2 range is out i am surprised to see that no one has made a note that the pictures of the vf interior are very similar if not identical to that in the new series 2 which does have the touch screen with all iphone ipod connectivity and a wide range of what i have to describe as cool gadgets. congratulations on the new IQ system holden. You got me to buy one!

Posted by Scott at 8:18pm, May 7, 2011

Keep ur eyes on the next issues of motor for the run down of the vf including a sleek look at the dash april mag

Posted by Spy an at 7:37am, April 25, 2012

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