VF Commodore Price Guide

As the car is still unreleased, we can only speculate as to the pricing of each model.

Below we have a pricing table with price approximations based on current VE Holden pricing and potential inflation.



Price (New: 0km) (RRP)

Commodore Omega $36,590
Berlina V6 $41,990
Berlina V8 $47,590
Commodore SV6 (Manual) $41,990 (Auto: +$2,100)
Commodore SS (Manual) $47,590 (Auto: +$2,100)
Calais V6 $48,190
Calais V8 $53,490
WN Statesman V6 $62,490
WN Statesman V8 $66,590
WN Caprice V6 $69,990
WN Caprice V8 $73,990

If you are interested in buying a VF Commodore, check out the VF Commodore For Sale page.

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