VF Commodore Pictures

Here is a list of all the VF Commodore pictures and VF photos that we have.
The list includes the name and filesize of the pictures for your convenience.

We are still awaiting any news from Holden in regard to official pictures of the VF Commodore, and as such, we have been acquiring concept sketches, spy shots, and concept photos of what people think the Holden VF may look like. If you have any concept sketches or pictures you would like us to display, let us know!

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Posted by VFCommodore.com at 12:34pm, May 26, 2010


As soon as VF is released i will be trading in my current falcon wagon for an ss sportwagon

Posted by compugas at 1:06am, August 12, 2012

hey i sell holdens everyday and tyson name any other car model that lasted 7 years coz from 2006 (the first ve production) to 2013 the vf no other car has done it and with that the vf will go to 2020 you do better buddy

Posted by matt at 1:21am, September 3, 2012

mate y who cares about the next commodore.
go to carsales and get a 500 dolla vn take the springs out so its on bumper stops and just drop single peggaz at maccas

Posted by Guest at 12:07am, October 8, 2012

Just viewed your VF pictures and I have to say you are well off the mark

Posted by Guest at 1:27am, October 23, 2012

These photos are way off the mark boys

Posted by Guest at 12:46am, November 27, 2012

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