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Interior Spy Shots

7th June, 2010

Spy shots of the new Commodre interior have been surfacing on the internet! They appear to be interior shots of a newer Pontiac, possibly designed by Holden, or by another branch of GM.

Go to the Spy Shots page to view the new images.

VE Series II Naming

2nd June, 2010

We've had yet another person confirm that the next model will be called the VE Series II rather than the new-model VF Commodore.

For more information on the naming discussion, view the VE Series II discussion page. Also feel free to submit your own thoughts to the discussion!

Unofficial VF Commodore Homepage

1st June, 2010

We've updated the site to include a new model selector on the front page, and we've also added a few pages that will be year-specific information on the Holden VF when we get more accurate and confirmed information on them.

Make sure you keep an eye out on the site for more updates and news, and also feel free to discuss anything VF related in our Discussion forum available from the right hand menu, third link from the top. We hope you enjoy our site!

The VFCommodore.com Team

VE Series II / E2

25th May, 2010

From what we've been able to gather, the next primary update to the Commodore series will just be a facelifted VE and they will be calling it along the lines of "VE Series II" or the "E2".

As far as a ‘VF’ series Commodore goes, our best guess is it will be released in mid-late 2011, or early 2012. This is, of course, if Holden doesn't throw us off with a completely reworked naming system!

VF Commodore to get Touch Screen Infotainment

1st March, 2010

Words - Feann Torr

GM Holden has signed off on a deal to replace the current infotainment systems in its Commodore and Statesman range of cars with high-tech touch screen systems with iPod and iPhone connectivity

Get ready for a more involving Commodore experience later in the year when Holden updates its entire range of large cars, from the base model Commodores to the range-topping Statesman and Caprice.

At a recent press conference for German tyre maker Continental, CEO Zoran Angelkovski confirmed that it has signed a new deal to supply the infotainment units to GM Holden's Commodore from June this year, and we could be seeing them on the road as early as September.

Continental, the world's fourth largest tyre maker, owns Siemens VDO, which currently engineers and manufactures various car componentry, such as instrumentation, heating/cooling control units and other interior elements for all three Australia car makers.

And an updated Holden Commodore infotainment system with touch screen functionality can now be added to that list.

"We've given them [Holden] the features that are seen on some European cars. [We've designed the new infotainment units] to make the driver feel more comfortable," Zoran Angelkovski told the Carsales Network.

The CEO of Continental added that the new system is "an improvement on the Bosch Blaupunkt [infotainment] system" and will come with a range of features that will put the Commodore ahead of the Falcon in terms of audio-visual in-car technology.

"Our unit has more functions and features. The most important thing is touch screen. At the moment you cannot get touch screen on the Commodore. Our new unit offers touch screen, more connectivity options with iPod and iPhone," said Angelkovski.

On top of iPhone and iPod functionality, Angelkovski explained there would be several 'grades' to the new touch screen in-car entertainment systems and though he couldn't elaborate on the particulars, he suggested that all models would get touch screen functionality. This would be a major coup for Holden.

"So we're starting at the basic level, with the Commodore, and going right up to the Caprice. So the family of new infotainment units has the low end and high end touch screens, but in between you have other models too."

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