VF Commodore Interior

Overall changes from VE to VF will be mostly minor, but from what we understand, the VF Commodore Interior will include a new choice of interior colours, extending on the partly bland colour range on offer for the VE.

In addition to the new colours, the LCD screen placement is set to be moved from the lower position up to where it is in the Omega. This is due to the higher grade models having their LCDs down low and out of the driver's peripheral vision. This move will increase the ease of use and access to the LCD, posing a lesser distraction to the driver.

All new! We have created a concept image picture which replicates (as best we could) the interior of the spied VE Series II Commodore but as a right-hand drive variant as it is supposed to be! Here it is!

Holden VE Series II Interior
View Larger Image: Holden VE Series II Interior (152kb)

If you would like an unwatermarked high resolution (2400x1797) version of this concept for publication use, please email us at: vfcommodore@gmail.com

Tiger Orange VE II Interior
View Larger Image: Tiger Orange VE II Interior (187kb)

Below are some interior concept pictures we have:

Red Holden VF SS Interior Concept
View Larger Image: Red Holden VF SS Interior Concept (224kb)

2010 VF SS Interior Concept
View Larger Image: 2010 VF SS Interior Concept (223kb)

VF SS Interior Concept
View Larger Image: VF SS Interior Concept (315kb)

VF Interior Discussion

What sort of interior changes do you reckon will happen?

I really hope they change the handbrake/centre console area, I'm not the biggest fan of it right now :/

Posted by Guest at 12:45am, May 11, 2010


Cheers cozbyrt! good news for Holden if thats true! Although they'd wanna be seriously be giving the car a makeover by then...

Posted by Jase at 4:29am, June 15, 2010

just thinking about it.... when they do a hsv version whats going to happen?

the clubsports and such have the gauges for oil/whatever else where the new vents are

so would the clubsports have no round vents and usual gauges or what

who knows

Posted by darren at 9:40am, June 27, 2010

Holden and Ford always do this ltitle dance with Government. Its really about the tax breaks and co-funding. It isn't economic to build cars in Australia without lots of Government support and guaranteed export markets to ensure enough volume.

Posted by Ayukawa at 11:20am, March 29, 2012

nice car love chev holdens got 5.7 chev vx and would love to up grade to a vf with chev ss nice interior and better body shape to the ve looks great keep up the good work see ya dave
ps. hate fords

Posted by david at 8:09am, May 31, 2012

it is a completely new interior you could not guess it

Posted by Guest at 12:49am, November 27, 2012

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