We are compiling a list of all the VF Commodore information we can gather.

Ahead of updating our locally produced Commodore range later this year, we need to prepare for a smooth run out of the current model within the plant. - Holden Spokesperson
To do this, we have been working with the union to balance short-term manufacturing plans that will allow us to taper production of the current range, before ramping up with the new model. - Holden Spokesperson
The company has enjoyed a strong start to 2010 and anticipates a great response to the updated Commodore range later in the year as we seek to extend its reign as Australia’s best-selling car. - Holden Spokesperson

Changes from VE to VF

Although it is hoped that there are some exterior styling changes, it is unlikely that any major changes will happen. Instead, we expect some minor exterior tweaks along with some small interior tweaks.

Mechanically, they are expected to stay mostly the same as the VE Commodore, with some changes to the engines for better fuel economy and lower emissions. It is unclear whether or not a diel variant will be available in the VF, but Holden is expected to be introducing its E85 model motors which are capable of running up to as much as 85% ethanol-15% petrol or 100% petrol.

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