Holden's first Commodore was introduced in the year of 1978 and it was based off of the Opel Commodore platform. The VF Commodore will mark the fifteenth iteration of the Commodore range, succeeding the VE Commodore.

We believe that the VF Commodore will still be based on the GM Zeta platform, and will mostly comprise of updated interior and exterior styling. As with the VE, it is assumed that the VF will be exported to countries with both Left-hand and Right-hand drive requirements, and as such, the Zeta platform is a perfect fit.

Development of the VE

The VE was built upon the all new Zeta platform. The platform was a costly development, starting development in 1999 and the costly process ended in 2006 costing well over a billion dollars to complete.

The previous platform used for Holdens before the VE and VF was the Omega platform developed by Opel, another in the GM family. The Omega platform production was stopped by Opel, and as there were no other suitable platforms available at the time, Holden was forced to develop their own.

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