Holden needs to step up to the plate in the engine department. Chev and Cadillac both have a 235KW 3.6 alloytec and Holden build a 2.8 turbo for Saab. The 3 litre does not deliver significant real world fuel economy improvements over the old 3.6 due to it's lack of torque and the need for the gearbox to work hard to keep the power up. Also the towing capacity on the 3 litre is only 1600kg's which is not enough for the caravaners and many fleets which has seen Falcon / Territory pick up Holden buyers.
Give us a small capacity turbo 6 with better economy, power and torque and steal some of the large 4 cylinder shoppers. Also give us the hot 3.6 which would create a new performance market between the SV6 and SS / XR6 Turbo. Ford will have a 195KW turbo 4 Falcon next year and they don't have a naturally aspirated 6 that can get near 235KW. The way to restore big car sales figures is by giving big car size, comfort and performance with small car efficiency.

Posted by Anthony at 7:55am, July 30, 2010


couldn't agree more, well said

Posted by Guest at 10:24pm, August 10, 2010

I agree with the thoughts of Anthony.

If Holden do not update the engines to something more state of the art and able to compete with options available from Ford (new, smaller, more powerful V8; excellent turbocharged 6) their sales will suffer.

The VE/VF styling is good, but the engines are now well short of what can (and should) be provided in this day and age. Such a shame....

Posted by Guest at 9:26am, August 28, 2010

I consider that by pursuing ethanol Holden have bet the farm on the wrong horse. Sure, E85 is supposed to be saving the planet as a renewable fuel (without unduly affecting human food crops), however, the much lower calorific value of ethanol means you'll be filling the tank more often as the litres/100km figures skyrocket. (By example, just look at how many fuel stops the super v8's require at Bathurst compared to the pre-ethanol days). Also, a gov'ment excise on ethanol is to be phased in over the next few years. (A double whammy to the hip pocket).
I am still hopefull that a diesel commodore is coming. (The Jaguar XF is a shining example of how it's done - though without the Jaguar pricetag. Perhaps the new diesel Ford Territory will be a better price benchmark for comparison).
Renewables such as hydrogen and electricity are far superior to any ethanol brew.

Posted by Anthony at 9:10pm, January 22, 2011

As a Holden insider i must comment that Holden "LACKS " in the power train dept with us being dictated by the U.S on engine powertrains to use , it doesen"t matter what styling changes we make till 2018 when new sheet metal body changes come in the fuel consumptions of the V6 & V8 haven"t improved very much at all. All 3 VE lease cars i drive have gained realy no better in economy at all sa compared with other imported products which have money too spend on R&D as we are cash trapped.
We had an inovation dept which was funded by Fedral Gov money and it did not deliver any thing at all for our taxpayer money and at the end it was shut down. Its a shame we don"t have direct injected gas or a diesel Commodore at all plus our dedicated gas Commodore is still some time off due to calibration issues and other stuff to get it right before sale. Its sad that we realy don"t have the right product as decisions and forward thinking is not as good as the O/S car makers. Plus more than the so called "AUSSIE " made car including the local Cruze is made up of more then 93% imported parts so so much for support of local manufacturing to supply parts to Holden.

Posted by P Churchy at 10:08pm, April 29, 2011

I agree that a turbo would be great, but no at the expense of the gentle and very pleasnt way the car lopes around town. I really enjoy this sedate Commodore (VE 2007 V6).
Summary is, let me have the power of the turbo as long as it is refined, but perfect the VF, so that when I go the Woolies or Coles,or visit friends in the suburbs and country, it retains the even tempered loping characteristics that I so enjoy

Posted by Terry at 2:32am, July 29, 2011

As the VF gets closer, I am told Sep Oct 12 - that's a good year ++ ahead of what I thought.
I want to repeat (see my earlier blog here) that I urge Holden again not to dispense with the Commodore's gentle and enjoyable characteristic of loping around town and on the highway. Don't give me a VF, I implore you that displays the jerky, horrid, lousy Toyota Aurion characteristics when you barely touch the peddle of it. A nightmare and so so far away from I what I call enjoyment; we are urban people so a sedate, loping around road train is just right for us all. Holden have got this as best practice; I reject the criticism of Holden and look at what thye dis with the billion dollar - in sum, it was and still is first class, and value for money, without question. Yes the VE is not that quick of the mark (but adequate) but the 200 kw V6 (I have not test driven it) should be more than adequate. Again, this baby boomer ex petrol head is now much more sedate these days himself, but he likes the surge, the rush too. I just wonder if Holden can give me the best practice again - a nice 'loper', but when I ask it for some pop, the turbo kicks in, but is not raw and jerky - that is nirvana for me!!!
Hope the lads at Fishermans Bend are listening

Posted by Terry at 11:11pm, October 12, 2011

Short & sweet. Want to keep the Holden performance brand strong? Release a turbo v6, the ford boys have been laughing at us for a decade already, why leave it to HSV? It's more gadgets & kits these days anyway


Posted by Jason at 6:39pm, March 4, 2012

the 210kw v6 i have absolutely hammers. its not that quick off the line but after 4,000 rpm onwards it would leave the v6 195kw falcon for dead

Posted by cameron at 7:07pm, March 6, 2012

@ Jason, HSV/Holden looked at placing twin turbos onto the V6 engine, in fact several test engines were created. The result was that the engine was not strong enough to handle boost levels required to produce power that would keep up with the Falcon I6T engine.

This would have provided Holden with a SV6 Turbo that was slower than the XR6T. The Falcon's motor is alot stronger and the setup and harmonics of the I6 engine is far superior for a turbo.

Posted by Andrew at 12:57am, March 28, 2012

my brothers 4.0 v6 hilux thrashed a ve sv6 commodore

Posted by Guest at 10:02pm, May 8, 2012

my cousins brother in laws daughters mate doesn't care

Posted by Guest at 11:58pm, May 13, 2012

No it didn't don't lie hilux did not thrashed the commmmodore ( unless it had L plates)

Posted by Guest at 10:15pm, May 18, 2012

should wack a supercharger on the v6 like what they did with the vt/vx. Like to see a supercharged v6 vf

Posted by Luke at 11:07pm, July 14, 2012

I would love to see a V6 Turbo, I have always been a holden person, but after driving my mates FG XR6T, I have to say, it is one hell of a quick car and makes an SS almost feel slow.

But I will never switch sides, wasn't there a Camaro using a Twin Turbo SIDI V6?, that was shown at a American car show but never put into production?

Posted by Guest at 10:02am, August 13, 2012

I have a VZ SV6 with a rear mount GT3582r turbo fitted to a stock standard VZ and it makes 188kw @10PSI to the wheels. So for a standard car with standard fuel system and PCU this is good. The plan is to increase the fuel to the engine and increase the power to the wheels without changing the factory PCU.

I would like to see Holden develop a v6 turbo that can compete with the fords.

Posted by Richard at 10:04am, August 15, 2012


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