VF Commodore Diesel

A diesel variant for the Commodore is commonly becoming a widely suggested idea for the next generation VF Commodore. Although we have no word from Holden about whether or not they will be releasing a Diesel Commodore, we speculate that the hoped for diesel engine will not be available for the VF Commodore.

Instead, we believe the main engine option difference will be for the new Holden engine-- capabable of running off 85% ethanol, 15% petrol -- to be included in the VF Commodore.

Even though a diesel variant is available in other Holden vehicles, such as the Astra CDTi Diesel and Captiva Diesel, many people still await the arrival of diesel for the VF Commodore. If a variant isn't available in the VF, it is hoped that a variant in the model after will be available.

Competing Diesels

Cars in a similar price range and size that include a diesel variant include the Ford Mondeo (with a Turbo Diesel engine), or the Mazda6 (with a 2.2L Diesel).

It is thought that as both Holden and Ford don't have immediate plans for diesel engines in their Comomdore and Falcon ranges, that there is nothing pushing the two towards diesel as those are two of the major competitors in the Australian market.

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