Welcome to VFCommodore.com, unofficial home of the Holden VF Commodore.

The VF Commodore is what we assume the next model in the Commodore series will be named. As with the rest of the Commodore series, it is paired up in the same basic overall shape as the VE is, but it will have some styling updates both exterior and interior.

At this point in time, the majority of these updates and styling changes are purely speculation, but a few minor things have been confirmed so far. These are things such as new touch screen LCDs and repositioning of the LCDs in the higher range models. Also there will be a new interior colour palette.

We will strive to bring you what spy shots, concepts, and information relating to the VF Commodore that we can gather. In addition to this, we will be having our own VF concept pictures/sketches/photos made up and posted on the site.

If you have any information relating to the VF Commodore, please use our Contact form to let us know! Whether it be photos, or just information you've heard, we're interested in knowing.

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Latest Discussion Posts

it is a completely new interior you could not guess it

Posted by Guest at 12:49am, November 27, 2012 in Interior Style

These photos are way off the mark boys

Posted by Guest at 12:46am, November 27, 2012 in Picture Discussion

Just viewed your VF pictures and I have to say you are well off the mark

Posted by Guest at 1:27am, October 23, 2012 in Picture Discussion

mate y who cares about the next commodore.
go to carsales and get a 500 dolla vn take the springs out so its on bumper stops and just drop single peggaz at maccas

Posted by Guest at 12:07am, October 8, 2012 in Picture Discussion

Haha the hilux would not beat an SV6 (SIDI or Aloytec)..... Unless it was a TRD

Posted by Ben at 3:26am, September 16, 2012 in Engines

VF Commodore Interior Spy Shot

VF Commodore Interior Photo
View Larger Image: VF Commodore Interior Photo (153kb)

VF Commodore Interior Concept

Holden VE Series II Interior
View Larger Image: Holden VE Series II Interior (152kb)

If you would like an unwatermarked high resolution (2400x1797) version of this concept for publication use, please email us at: vfcommodore@gmail.com

For other concept pictures and spy shots, visit our VF Commodore Pictures page.

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